Say "I Do" to starting a beauty routine to get you ready for your big day.

Radiant bridal skin requires just as much planning and strategy as flowers and bridesmaid dresses (if not more). Before you mail those invitations, devise your big-day skin care plan here.

Commit to a Skin-Saving Regimen.

It’s time to get serious about skin care! Adopt a regimen that includes cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, firming, protecting and more! 
To visibly improve the look of fine lines, use TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine. If you want the power of multisurface layer exfoliation with glycolic acid, try TimeWise Repair® Revealing Radiance™ Facial Peel. If you want the ultimate exfoliation experience, make sure your combined use of these products does not exceed three times a week, and allow a day or two between uses.
Bridal skin care tip: Start your bridal skin care routine with the TimeWise Miracle Set and TimeWise Firming Eye Cream. Continue with TimeWise Microdermabrasion Refine and TimeWise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel from Mary Kay.

Be Head-to-Toe Honeymoon Ready.

Add toning and smoothing body products to your routine, and maximize your lashes. 
Bridal skin care tip: Be honeymoon ready from head to toe with TimeWise Body Smooth-Action Cellulite Gel Cream, TimeWise Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion and Lash & Brow Building Serum from Mary Kay.

Make the First Kiss Memorable.

Get kissable lips and close-up-confident skin to make that first kiss beautiful. 


Here Comes the Beauty

Pack the perfect essentials for last-minute touch-ups on your big day.
Touch-up tools for your wedding day beauty from Mary Kay

Touch-Up Tools

As you move from setup and photos to ceremony and reception (and everything in between), keep these tools close for quick touch-ups throughout the day. With oil-absorbing tissues to fight shine and a quick spritz of fragrance, these small-but-mighty musts will fit nicely in your wedding day clutch.

The Wedding Party

Make your ceremony a celebration of beauty with the perfect gift for everyone in the bridal party.  

Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are there for you in so many ways leading up to your big day – treat them to a pampering beauty experience before they walk down the aisle with the Satin Hands® Pampering Set and day-of beauty musts with this good-on-every-skin-tone lip gloss and cry-resistant mascara.  

Bridesmaid wedding gift ideas from Mary Kay

Groomsmen Gifts

Make sure your groomsmen are well-groomed for their walk down the aisle with these must-have men’s essentials. 

Groomsmen wedding gift ideas from Mary Kay
Watch the how-to video for the Modern Bride makeup artist look from Mary Kay.

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